Deadpool movie gets official “R” rating and video from behind set video.

For months fans have spoke out that they want the Tim Miller‘s superhero film Deadpool to stay true to the charter.  In order to do so, that the film would have to be rated “R” in order to give the merk with the mouth justice on screen.
On April first (April fools day) actor Ryan Reynolds tweets out:

“A PG-13 #deadpool will still have 4th wall breaking, a shit-ton of action and at least 3 chimichangas. Zero need to panic. I promise.”

This tweet leaves many fans who read it saddened at the reality they feared came true.  Moments later, Reyonlds sends out another tweet saying:

“February 12th. There will be blood. Guns. F-bombs. And graphic, expertly lit French Unicorn sex. #deadpoolRatedR @deadpoolmovie #Aprilpools”

Followed by the video below.

Deadpool Fans can now Rejoice that their wishes have came true!  Days later Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld told that:

“This Deadpool film will establish Deadpool on a global scale. In addition to being brilliantly raucous, crazy, violent, and action packed, the Deadpool film has tremendous heart and soul. Prepare for an experience that you haven’t encountered yet. It’s [a] new template in the way that Guardians of the Galaxy established a new tone for the franchise. Deadpool will do the same.”

Now to even tease you further, a video has been released from behind the set of the making of the movie which you can see below.

Before this the leaked test footage of the movie that was released last year was what started the fan uproar to get the movie made to begin with.  Finally there will be no mouth sewing, character destroying in this installment of the character. If you have not seen the leaked video from last year you are missing out.

I can’t wait take my money now! Deadpool will be in theaters February 12, 2016


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