ep. 56 San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, Dr. Strange, X-Box 1S, Netflix lineup, Batman Tell Tale, Inhumans vs X-Men, and much Much more…

This week Chris and Angel give you all the Big News that came out of San Diego Comic-Con! Proving a recap and review of all the Major panels, interviews, and News Drop.

Movie News= :01:12
-Star Trek
-Kong: Skull Island
-King Arthur
-Power Rangers
-Jurassic World 2
-Fantastic Beasts
-Legendary Pictures
-Pacific Rim 2

TV News= :38:32
-Once Upon a Time
-The Exorcist

Video Game News= :49:04
-Pokemon Go
-Tomb Raider
-Batman Tell Tale

Comic Book News= 1:01:44
-Inhumans vs X-Men
-Batman and TMNT
-Dr. Strange/Punisher
-Kyle Rainer returns

Spotlight Comics of the week= 1:05:02

Closing= 1:09:02

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